Hunting Services

Professional hunting services in Turkey and worldwide

HUNTMANIA hunting agency is arranging a very exciting and affordable hunting adventure for you and your friends. We own our ranches which is taken over in several countries as Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Croatia, Pakistan and many others. We are overrun with our company and offer a great opportunity for you to harvest your trophy. Your hunting package is a 3 day, 2 night, 5 days 4 nights, 7 days 6 nights and daily hunting trip with food and lodging included. You will be able to hunt day and night from our comfortable hunting stands throughout the ranch.

Your best hunting company is offering an all-inclusive hunt, including meals, lodging and all transportation around the ranch. We can also arrange all of your taxidermy work for you and have the final product shipped to your home. We think it is a great place take your ladies as observers or hunters. Please come and experience Turkey, a country filled with beauty, mystery and excitement. We hope that you will enjoy hunting with us and...

Read reviews our happy worldwide clients, see our perfomances and join us today for an unrivalled experience!

HUNTMANIA Hunting Outfitters specializes in corporate and family whitetail, dove, and exotic hunting packages.

Hunting Services

Our hunting packages are designed so that you may spend valuable time with your customers or family/ friends while we take care of everything for you. We add small details to our hunts that set us apart from other hunting operations in Turkey and worldwide. The all-inclusive hunting packages that we offer include on site chef prepared meals, comfortable lodging, and professional staff that will cater to you from the time you arrive until the time you leave. We have plenty of our own farms and we are also partnered with ranches in Turkey and other countries, our ranch locations are convenient and easy to access from major airports. In addition to a wide variety of trophy hunting, we also offer corporate team building packages that are geared around hunting and fishing.

hunting permit

Hunting Licence

All legal permissions are taken by our company in the places where we hunt in Turkey and other countries.

hunting guns

Hunting Guns

The weapons requested by the hunters participating in our activities are provided by us free of charge.

hunting equipment

Hunting Equipment

All necessary materials and equipment for hunting are provided free of charge from our outdoor sports store.

hunting transport

4x4 Transportation

We carry out the transportation of all hunters to the summit of mountains and hunting grounds with 4x4 land vehicles of our company.

hunting lodges

Hunting Lodges

A wonderful overnight stay in our chalets, hunting houses, cottages built in the most beautiful views of the mountains.

hunting holiday

Vacation Organisation

Whether it is day-long or longer-term vacation and hunting tours in nature suitable for your demand and budget.

shooting range

Shooting Range

You can spend nice hours by participating in our shooting activities in our indoor and outdoor polygons.

hunting courses

Courses & Lessons

Our expert gun instructors give you gun shooting training, close defense, security courses and lessons at all levels.

hunting camps

Camps & Grounds

You can hunt any hunting game you want in our camps and hunting grounds, and join our short and long term in nature holiday programs.

hunting team building

Team Building

Hunting and shooting activities in nature are one of the best team games training activities. Creative team games for your company employees.

hunting tours

Tours & Trips

Whether it is summer or winter, at the most convenient time for you, you can participate in attractive hunting tours, excursions in our company.

hunting festival

Festivals & Events

We organize parties, races and entertainment festivals in nature, with hunters from all over the world, at any time of the year. Click for upcoming organisations!

We arrange all from A to Z whatever for your requirement for an unforgettable adventure!

Best Outfitter and Organisation Company

Anatolia, the Asia minor as in a very important location which combines the European and Asian cultures and the homelands of many civilization with her cultural, historical and natural richness. It will be our pleasure serving you for the Bezoar ibex, Hybrid ibex, Roe deer, Red deer, Chamois, Konya Sheep, Brown Bear and wild boar hunts on the peninsula of the Asia Minor which, in every square meter having the wealth of history and culture. We take as our duty, the satisfaction of the guest hunter, with our luxury accommodations, good food, professional guiding service, 4x4 country hunting trucks and perfect organisations, on each time. We are different, good quality and you can trust us! Come and join us. Let s live the unforgetable adventures together that you will never forget. Luck is necessary for the daily life and hunting and hope always will be on your side.