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We are creating a unique holiday opportunities for hunting and nature lovers committed to the wildlife in the private hunting ranches we have in Turkey's and the world's most beautiful places. HUNTMANIA outdoor sports and hunting safari company is one of the most distinguished hunting companies in Turkey and worldwide. Long-standing experience in the field of tourism is a good reference for us as hosts. We would like to accompany you in Turkey on your hunting for Wild Boar, Anatolian Bezoar Ibex, Konya Sheep, Anatolian Red Deer, Anatolian Roe Deer, Anatolian Chamois, Hybrid Ibex, Gazelle and Partridge & Pheasant.

Experienced guides, comfortable 4 wheels, untouched reserves, best hunting organization and well-equipped accommodation (hotels, pensions, village houses and fly camps) enable you a comfortable, reliable and unforgettable hunting trip.

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Unrivalled hunting holiday experience in Turkey and worldwide!

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You can combine your hunting trip with various activities and discover the traces of the oldest civilizations of Anatolia, the natural beauties of Turkey, as well as the culture of Turkish people. On account of its unique geographical location and structure, with its untouched and preserved nature and multitude of wild species, Turkey gains its position as one of the most important hunting destinations in the world. Besides its unique wild species and top quality trophies, its hospitality, good service, pleasant and fastidious holiday opportunities, it awakens more and more interest among hunters all around the world. We wish you good luck and success in hunting!

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Surrounded by three seas and continents, Turkey extends with an area of 778 458 km2 over Europe and Asia. Thanks to its great extent, this beautiful country has the opportunity to possess a variety of climate zones, a rich flora and fauna and a multitude of wild species. In its incomparably beautiful forests, comprising a third of the country, you can find nearly 80.000 fauna and 10.000 various kinds of flora. 3.000 of which is only existent in Turkey. As a modern and environmentally friendly country, Turkey is the homeland for 38 national parks, 35 nature reserve areas, 17 nature parks and 101 nature spots with its 21.188.747 hectares of forest (comprising %27,2 of the country). Owing to the annual update of Wild Life Management System and the new game law 2004, Turkey could develop itself to a desired hunting destination with its hunting ground and wild species.

The infrastructural construction of the airports, hotel and transport make Turkey an irresistible destination for foreign hunters. Here below we listed a few of popular hunting regions in Turkey; Adana Pozantı Afyon Sandıklı Dinar Ankara Beypazarı Nallıhan Antalya Akseki Cevizli Gidengelmez Antalya Alanya Gündoğmuş Antalya Kaş Sivridağ Ardahan Posof Artvin Yusufeli Balıkesir Bartın Ulus Bingöl Kığı Bitlis Adilcevaz Bolu Göynük Bolu Yedigöller Bolu Abant Burdur Bursa Karacabey Çorum Kargı Denizli Çardak Çivril Düzce Gölyaka Efteni Erzurum Çat Erzurum İspir Oltu